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Whether it’s a relaxing hot bath or a rejuvenating shower, hot water is all about the experience. Having great hot water when and where you need it, helps to make every day a joy. And we want to help you achieve it.

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Hot water is at the heart of happy home. There is more to it than just turning on a tap. And we know more about it than anyone. Here are some interesting facts about hotwater in Australia.

1825 Minutes

The average time a person will spend per year enjoying hot showers.

Based on one, five minute shower per day.


The average percentage of household energy used to heat hot water.

2,400 hours

Average amount of time annually the sun will shine on roof top solar panels

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25% The approximate percentage of hot water units sold that are energy-efficient continuous flow.

-15°C The lowest tested temperature at which Thermann evacuated solar tubes still work at.

78% of australians believe a solar hot water system would improve their property value

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