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Thermann 6* - the rising star in continuous flow

With its compact design, the Thermann 6 Star Continuous Flow hot water system delivers 6 star energy efficiency, guaranteed reliability, and is also backed by a 12 year warranty.

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So what does this mean for me?

The biggest tick of approval? It’s 6 Star efficiency! This means that it will continue to deliver you with cost savings year in, year out. Thanks to its improved heat exchanger design, it’s able to heat your water faster, making it a more efficient hot water system for your home.

It also comes with less internal parts, so it’s even easier for your plumber when it comes to your regular service, and can operate under lower pressures, making it ideal for homes that are affected by lower water pressure situations.

Control your own temperature
Continuous flow hot water systems have the added benefit of including optional controllers, and the Thermann 6 Star continuous flow unit has the option of a universal controller. Up to three controllers can be installed per continuous flow unit.

Do I have to have one?
No, you don’t have to install controllers. Your unit will still function without them.

Why should I have one (or more)?
Primarily they are recommended for safety. Controllers are designed to be placed in areas such as bathrooms or ensuites, kitchens and laundry rooms. While adults may be able to withstand hotter temperatures for longer, children cannot. This is where controllers can become a handy safety feature by controlling the temperature of the water delivered in your bathroom (for example) to prevent potential scalding. It also allows you to set the temperature at the touch of a button to ensure you enjoy a shower at your preferred hot water temperature.

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