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Upgrade To Ultimate
Hot Water Efficiency

The Thermann X Split Heat Pump is the newest edition to the E-plus range, offering reliability, flexibility and higher profit opportunities for you; the installer. The separate tank and heat pump allow for flexibility in install location, and its quiet operation will have you covered for the homeowner who may be conscious about noise.

See why the Thermann X Split Heat pump is a great upgrade option for you and your customers.

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How It Works and Specification

Thermann X Split Heat pump

1: Cold water is drawn from the tank into the heat pump unit

2: A fan draws air through an evaporator, and Thermal energy is transferred to the R744 (CO2) gas.

3: The CO2 gas is then drawn into a compressor which increases the pressure and as a result increases the temperature.

4: The condenser transports the hot gas around, heating the cold water which is then pumped back into the top of the storage tank, ready for use.

Unit specifications

Unit Specifications Unit Specifications

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications Technical Specifications

Efficiency, COP and Reduced Emissions

The Thermann X Split Heat Pump combines a powerful 4.5kW condensing heat pump unit with a commercial grade 315L Storage tank.

Not only can your customers experience outstanding savings in annual running costs, the Thermann X Split Heat Pump also offers a significant reduction in carbon emissions for those that are environmentally conscious.

Below is an indicative example of what your customers could save:

Customer savings

Running Cost Savings

Running Cost Savings
Per year
over a 10 year period

Running Cost Savings

Carbon Footprint Reduction
174 ballons†
of CO2

Per year

  • Calculations

    * This is a comparative figure that indicates the amount of electricity used to operate the water heater for one year, delivering 200 litres per day of hot water. It is based on testing conducted on the model to the relevant Australian Standard. Data displayed is based on the comparison between the THP45 Thermann X Split Heat Pump 4,5kW, 315L model and 315THMB136 Thermann 315L 3.6kW electric storage model. Cost of electricity is based on an on-peak tariff of 25c/kWh with a daily consumption of 2.257kWh (Heat Pump) and 12.8kWh (Electric storage unit). Heat Pump savings are calculated on a COP of 5.08 (based on 15oC inlet cold water and 20oC ambient temperature). The warranty period for a Thermann X Split Heat pump is 10 Years for the tank, 6 years on the heat exchanger and 2 years on parts and labour.

    † Carbon footprint measured in kilograms of CO2. The reduction is calculated based on energy usage of 200 litres per day using a national average of gas consumption for a household comparing a standard THP45 Thermann X Split Heat Pump 4.5kW, 315L model and 315THMB136 Thermann 315L 3.6kW electric storage model. Calculations are based on information gathered by the Department of the Environment and Energy. Read National Greenhouse Accounts Factors for details.

Coefficient of

The Thermann X Split Heat pump has one of the highest Coefficient of Performance (COP) ratings in Australia with a COP of up to 5.77*. This is due to both the clever design of the heat pump unit and using the conductive power of R744 (CO2) refrigerant.

Below is a table of the COP ratings at different temperatures:

Coefficient of Performance
*COP is based in conditions of 43oC ambient temp & 29oC inlet water temperature



The Thermann X Split heat pump is registered for Small -Scale Technology Certificates (STC). The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme creates a financial incentive for individuals and small businesses to install a range of eligible small-scale renewable energy systems including air source heat pumps..

Rebates STC
*Price based on$36.25 per STC. Rebates are calculated using data produced cy
www.green-bank.com.au. Prices are passed on a 0-3 day payment.
Prices are relevant as of 10/09/2021.Information displayed is publicly available.
Thermann and/or Reece are in no way responsible processing rebates.

Click here to get the latest STC values

Rebates STC

Flexible Installation

The Thermann X Split Heat Pump can be installed apart up to 15m horizontally and 5m vertically, allowing for flexibility on where the system is placed if you have limited or restricted space available.

: The Thermann X Split Heat Pump can be installed apart up to 15m horizontally

Typical installation

The Thermann X Split Heat Pump Minimum Clearances

Minimum clearances

Restrictions on where the heat pump unit can be installed
When there is no obstacle on the blowout side
The Thermann X Split Heat Pump Minimum Clearances
Restrictions on installations with the space between the tank unit and the heat pump
Caution: Keep the piping run to a minimum as the longer the pipe run the greater the potential for heat loss.
The Thermann X Split Heat Pump Minimum Clearances

Total piping length: 15 metres maximum per way

Number of bends: 6 maximum

(A) Difference in height between the base of tank and bottom of Heat pump should be no more than : 5 metres maximum.Number of bends : 6 maximumTotal piping length : 15 metres maximum per way


The Thermann X Split Heat Pump is one of the quietest of its kind with a rated noise level of 37dB, ensuring little disruption to your customer’s lifestyle and comfort.

Additionally, the Thermann X Split Heat Pump contains a built in clock as part of the heating cycle logic, enabling you to ‘block-out’ operation during times when noise needs to be at a minimum (for example, overnight). This is especially beneficial if the installation location is near windows or bedrooms.

This feature can also be used to take advantage of off-peak tariffs if applicable without the need for a separate timer.

Quiet Operation night time Quiet Operation day time

Eco – Friendly refrigerant

The Thermann X Split Heat pump uses R744 (CO2) refrigerant, which has minimal impact on the environment compared to other refrigerant types. R744 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1, which is the lowest level of impact on the ozone layer. In addition, R744 is non-flammable meaning this is a safer and more environmentally friendly option for your customers.

Thermann X Split Heat pump Eco-friendly refrigerant

Supply and

The Thermann Split Heat Pump is sold exclusively through Reece and is available through a network of over 450 stores Australia-wide. And as a valued Reece customer, you can be confident that you won’t be shopped on price.

Finally, the Thermann Split Heat Pump is backed by Reece Aftersales, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Supply and Aftersales


The Thermann X Split Heat Pump has a 6-year warranty** on the heat pump unit, 10 years on the tank** and 2 year parts and labour*.

** Warranty is subject to conditions outlined on the installation manual of this product.


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