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Precision engineered for efficiency and long life, Thermann is setting new standards for hot water systems in Australia. Packed with innovative features and proven technology, Thermann delivers the ultimate hot water experience everyday. What’s more, Thermann is committed to total customer care, so you’ll enjoy market-leading warranties and full after sales support for many years to come. See the full range of Thermann hot water systems below, or use our handy hot water decisions guide to help you select the right system.

Thermann 5 Star THERMANN 5* 26L C/FLOW 60DEG N/G

The Thermann 5* Gas Continuous Flow hot water system heats water through a gas burner as the water flows through coiled pipe, which means you will never run out of hot water.

Thermann 6 Star THERMANN 6* 26L C/FLOW 60DEG N/G

One of the most efficient hot water systems on the market, the Thermann 6 Star Continuous Flow delivers endless hot water for even the largest family.

Thermann  Gas Boosted Hot Water System

Thermann evacuated tube solar gas boosted hot water systems offer reliability and efficiency. Passive sun tracking means more of the suns rays are converted to usable hot water throughout the day - reducing your power bills.

Thermann  Electric Boosted Hot Water System

Thermann evacuated tube solar electric boosted hot water systems harness the suns energy to heat your water. An electric element in the tank provides back up if needed, ensuring peace of mind, whilst also reducing your running costs.

Thermann  Electric Hot Water Unit 25L

This small electric hot water system is easy to install and works well where space and access is restrictive. Particularly suitable for apartments and small units. - Appliance white finish - Manufactured using state of the art machinery

Thermann  Electric Hot Water Unit 80L

Heating water through an insulated tank by an electric element, the Thermann Electric Hot Water System is quick and easy to install and available in 6 sizes. - Australian made tanks - Electric footprint identical - easy changeover - Manufactured using state of the art machinery

Thermann  135L 4* Gas Hot Water System

Perfect for any family, the Gas Storage hot water system has an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to be in control of your operating costs and performance. Available in Natural Gas or LPG (specifications correct for units manufactured after 1 August 2016).


Made in Germany, the Thermann Heat Pump hot water system extracts heat from ambient air and quietly transfers it to heat water.






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