Thermann  300L Heat Pump Hot Water System
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Made in Germany, the Thermann Heat Pump hot water system extracts heat from ambient air and quietly transfers it to heat water. It comes with a removable intake grill for easy cleaning and servicing where access is limited.

  • Active defrost function - for colder climates
  • Manufactured in Germany and specifically designed for Australian conditions
  • Uses less energy compared to traditional electric storage tanks
  • Eligible for Government rebates (STC's)

Prices are inclusive of GST

Must be installed by a licensed plumber.

TIHP300 how it works

1. A fan draws air through an evaporator. Thermal energy within the air is transferred to a liquid refrigerant causing it to change into a gas.

2. The refrigerant gas is then drawn into a compressor which increases the pressure and as a result increases the temperature.

3. A condenser (heat exchanger) then transports the hot gas refrigerant around the outside of the water tank. This heats the water inside the tank and the gaseous refrigerant reverts back into a liquid.

4. The pressure of the refrigerant is reduced as it goes through an expansion valve and returns to the evaporator for the process to start again.

Heating output at A15/W15-55 1.7kW
Power consumption at A15/W15-55 0.5kW
Sound pressure level at 1m distance in free field 56dB(A)
Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65° 1.14


Electrical DetailsData
Fuses C10A
Rated Voltage 240V
Phases 1/N/PE
Frequency 50HZ
Rated Current 2.5A
Power Consumption 700W
Max Power Consumption 700W


Capacity  300L
Relief valve pressure 700kPa
Max. inlet pressure - without ECV 500kPa
Max. inlet pressure - with ECV 420kPa
Minimum water pressure 200kPa


Height of unit when tilted 1990
Height when tilted inc. packaging 2200
Height (adjustable feet) 1870-1900
Diameter 670


Weight (dry) 125
Weight (wet) 428
Weight 125


Condensate drain 20
Water connection G1 (with adaptor Rp 3/4 female)


Air flow rate 550 m3/h
Lower air temperature limit 0°C
Upper air temperature limit 42°C
first heat pump tech drawing

second heat pump tech drawing

Estimated payback period for a TIHP300 vs Conventional Electric Storage - Please note: This data is for WA Only.


ResizedImage600266 heat pump estimated payback period

When choosing a hot water system, there are a number of factors you need to consider beyond the unit price. Installation costs can vary greatly for different types of hot water units. Ongoing running costs should also play a part in your purchase decision.

running cost chart

Guide only based on current average energy cost. This chart does not account for increased Electricity or Gas costs in coming years.

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