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Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Gas Continuous Flow hot water systems never run out of hot water which makes them a great choice for even the busiest families. They only heat water as necessary and are a far more energy efficient option.

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Gas Continuous Flow – How it works.

When a tap in the home is turned on, cold water flows into the continuous flow system through a pipe at the bottom of the unit. An inbuilt sensor automatically detects the water flow and then ignites a gas burner.

The hot exhaust gases from the burner rise up and warm the water flowing through a heat exchanger. The water is heated to approximately 50 degrees and then flows out of a pipe at the top of the unit to the outlet.

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The advantages of gas continuous flow

Along with being efficient and never running out of hot water, one of the major advantages of gas continuous flow is their compact size. These units are generally wall mounted and usually come out from the wall less than 25cm. This makes them a great option for properties that have limited outdoor space.

Most gas continuous flow systems offer around 6 star energy efficiency. The newer condensing technology featured in the Thermann C7, improves gas efficiency even further by recycling the exhaust heat to pre heat the water entering the unit. The Thermann C7 uses around 15% less gas than our 6 star continuous flow systems.


Is a gas continuous system right for you?

Gas continuous flow systems tend to be more popular in the southern states where gas access is widespread. They are less popular in the northern states where gas supply is limited. LP gas continuous flow is often used in rural properties that do not have access to plumbed natural gas. The fact that the continuous systems use no gas when hot water is not required also makes them ideal for holiday homes where hot water usage is intermittent.

If your home doesn't have an existing gas line to the property, then a gas continuous flow system is probably not the best option for you.

If your home currently has a gas storage system installed and your energy bills are high, it may be worth investing a little more and upgrading to a gas continuous flow system. You may to need to upgrade your gas line but it could save you money in the long run.

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