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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding environment and use it to warm water in a tank. By utilising the ambient air temperature, they are able to achieve a high level of energy efficiency.

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Heat pumps – How they work.

Heat pumps work a bit like a refrigerator in reverse. A fan draws air through an evaporator. Thermal energy within the air is transferred to a liquid refrigerant causing it to change into a gas. The refrigerant gas is then drawn into a compressor which increases the pressure and temperature. A heat exchanger then transports the hot gas refrigerant around the outside of the water tank. This heats the water inside the tank. The gaseous refrigerant reverts back into a liquid and then the process starts again.

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The advantages of heat pump systems.

Heat pumps are not overly common in Australia but their popularity is growing every day. They have been widely used in Europe and North America for over 50 years. As such, Heat Pumps are a proven technology that delivers excellent efficiency and long life reliability.

The Thermann X Hybrid heat pump further improves on traditional heat pump designs to provide even greater levels of energy efficiency. With every kWh of energy, the Thermann Hybrid X has an output of 4kHw of heat. This makes these units up to 74% more energy efficient than a traditional electric storage system.

Thermann Hybrid X heat pumps also come with a clever back up 'booster' element. This button can be pushed in times of high demand, which will come on for 7 days, heating the top half of the tank. This is helpful during particularly cold periods. One of the great advantages of choosing a Thermann heat pump is that it comes solar PV ready, so if you ever wanted to add solar electricity panels to your home in the future, you could use the electricity from these panels to power your hot water system*. So choosing a heat pump is a great way to future proof your home.

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Is a heat pump right for you?

If you're looking for a more sustainable hot water solution that will deliver long term energy savings, then a Thermann Heat Pump is an ideal choice. However, there are a number of other considerations you'll need to take into account.

Because heat pumps extract heat from the environment, they tend to be more efficient in warmer climates. If you're located in the southern states of Australia, this should form part of your purchase decision. The Thermann heat pump will continue to work down to -5°C.

The physical size of heat pumps can be a possible drawback for some people. They have a large footprint. Typically, a 220L heat pump will be around 70cm wide and 190cm tall. Another potential consideration is that heat pumps do require occasional servicing to ensure they're operating at maximum efficiency.


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