• Gas-Boosted Solar

    Solar · Solar Hot Water Systems

    Key Specifications

    Suitable for
    2 - 3 Bathrooms ²
    Fuel type
    Gas Boosted Solar
    Number of Tubes 250L
    Number of Tubes 315L
    Number of Tubes 400L

    Not designed for commercial use

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    • Warranty Information

      Domestic Warranty

      15 Year Solar Tubes
      12 Year Heat Exchanger
      10 Year Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour

      Domestic Warranty on a timed recirculation system

      15 Year Solar Tubes
      1 Year Heat Exchanger
      3 Year Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour


      15 Year Solar Tubes
      3 Year Tank
      1 Year Heat Exchanger
      1 Year Parts and Labour

    • Considerations


      Save space with small footprint mounted on your wall

      They heat water as you need it, so you will never run out of hot water

      Controllers can be installed to accurately deliver required water temperature


      Higher up front cost for equipment and installation

      Less efficient in winter

      Tubes are more effective when installed on a north facing roof to maximise the efficiency of the sun

    Always use a licensed plumber when installing a hot water system.

    Thermann Evacuated Tube Solar gas boosted hot water systems offer the best of both worlds. While the tubes harness the suns energy to heat your water, you also have the confidence of an energy efficient gas continuous flow hot water system to provide back up if needed. You'll not only have peace of mind, you'll also reduce your running costs.

    • Leading industry warranties
    • Innovative technology
    • Lightweight systems - Heavy lifting not required
    • Energy efficient
    • Cyclone rated framework
    • Cost effective to run

    How it works

    Step 1
    The sunlight strikes the dark absorber coating inside the evacuated tube.

    Step 2
    The heat pipe transfers the heat up to the copper header pipe location in the insulated manifold box.

    Step 3
    A circulator moves water from the storage tank to the copper pipe warming the water. The solar heated water is then pushed down into the storage tank for use. Anti-frost is built in to the Thermann system to ensure solar hot water can be provided even in cold regions.

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    Save with Solar

    When it comes to lowering your power bills, Thermann is the right investment choice for the longer term. When paired with the solar tube components, it provides lower running costs, making it the smarter, more sustainable and affordable alternative to the traditional systems. It's also better for the environment. In times of high sun exposure, the system will use 100% of its energy from the sun, using almost 0 mains electricity.

    Solar savings
  • thermann gas boosted solar
    Measurements (mm) 250L GAS 315L GAS 400L GAS
    Tank Diameter (A) 623 624 712
    Tank Height (B) 1444 1762 1703
    HW Outlet 1217 1535 1452
    PTRV Port 1217 1535 1452
    Solar Return 1217 1535 1452
    Top Sensor Port 997 1263 1215
    Bottom Sensor 463 555 561
    Solar Flow 201 201 226
    Cold Water Inlet 201 201 226
    Dry Weight (kg) 71 92 116
    Measurements (mm)
    Collector 22 Tubes 30 Tubes
    Width (A) 1636 2196
    Length (B) 2005 2005
    W/O Tubes (weight) 80.7kg 105.7kg
  • Product code Number of Tubes Capacity Gas Boost
    1360252 30 315L 26L NG
    1360244 22 250L 26L NG
    1360249 30 315L 26L LPG
    1360242 22 250L 26L LPG
    1360255 44 400L 26L NG
    1360257 44 400L 26L LPG