• Thermann Split Heat Pump

    Electric · Heat Pumps

    Key Specifications

    Application Range (Operating Temp.)
    -10 To +45oC
    Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (COP)
    5.08kW of output for 1kW of input
    Rated Voltage

    Not designed for commercial use (including pool heating).

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    • Warranty Information

      Domestic Warranty

      6 Years Heat Pump System
      10 Years Tank
      2 Years Parts and Warranty

      Domestic Warranty on a timed recirculation system

      1 Year Heat Pump Unit
      1 Year Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour

      Additional Information

      If your Thermann heat pump was purchased and installed from 1st July 2023 through the SOLAR Victoria - SOLAR HOMES program, your Thermann Heat Pump is warranted for five years on all components.


      1 Year Heat Pump Unit
      1 Year Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour

    • Considerations


      Flexibility with install for areas with tight spaces

      Environmentally Friendly – R744 refrigerant.

      Has a built-in block out system to enable the system to be used on

      Build in maintenance mode for easy servicing (by a licensed plumber).

      Light weight (when empty)

      Mains pressure hot water delivery.


      Performance is slightly diminished in temperatures below 0oC

      Higher upfront costs

      Sufficient space is required around the Heat Pump unit.

      Hot water is not unlimited and will need time to recover if the tank is drained

    Always use a licensed plumber when installing a hot water system.

    Combining a Japanese and Australian engineering, The Thermann Split Heat Pump is a flexible, quiet, and highly efficient hot water solution for any climate. By extracting heat from the air, this clever system uses a naturally occurring gas to heat water making it up to 80% more efficient than that of a standard electric storage system.

    • High efficiency
    • Flexible installation options for areas of limited space
    • Quiet operation (37dB)
    • Fast recovery rate
    • Government Rebates available (STC)
    • Block out mode for areas with on and off-peak tariffs as well as optimising PV Solar
    • Natural refrigerant – Ozone friendly
    • Mains pressure hot water

    How it works

    1. Cold water is drawn from the tank into the heat pump unit.

    2. A fan draws air through an evaporator where the heat from the air is transferred to a natural refrigerant gas.

    3. The heated gas is circulated around a compressor, increasing the pressure and temperature.

    4. The hot gas passes through a heat exchanger to heat the cold water, which is then pumped back into the top of the storage tank ready to use.

    split Heat Pump Systems GIF
  • Split Heat Pump line drawing

    Heat Pump Unit

    Measurements Detail
    Refrigerant type R744 (CO2)
    Mass volume 690 g
    Setting outlet water temp 65 0C
    Product weight 48 kg
    Rated capacity 4.5 kW
    Max. power Input 2.5kW
    Max. current 11A
    Max. voltage 240v
    Design pressure (High/Low) 14/9 MPa
    Protection raining Class IPX4
    MAX operating water pressure 850 kPa
    Operating Range -10 to +43
    Operating Noise 38dB
    Rated power consumption 0.95kW/h


    Specifications 160L 250L 315L 400L
    Total Volume 163L 259L 323L 420L
    Tank Weight (Empty) 59kg 71kg 92kg 116kg
    PTRV Pressure Rating 850kPa 850kPa 850kPa 850kPa
    Sensor Level on Tank 68% 69% 69% 69%
    Measurements (mm) 160L 250L 315L 400L
    Height (A) 1318 1444 1762 1704
    Hot Water Outlet (B)
    PTR Valve (B)
    Heatr Pump Return (B)
    Top Sensor (C) 936 997 1263 1215
    Bottom Sensor (D) 439 463 555 561
    Heat Pump Flow
    & Cold Outley (E)
    190 201 201 226
    Tank Diameter (F) 528 613 613 701
    Overall Diameter (G) 540 623 624 712