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  • 32R Continuous Flow

    Gas · Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

    Key Specifications

    No. Bathrooms
    3 – 6
    Fuel type
    30.0 kg
    464 mm
    240 mm
    615 mm

    Not designed for commercial use

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    • Warranty Information

      Domestic Warranty

      12 Year Heat Exchanger
      3 Years Parts and Labour

      Domestic Warranty on a timed recirculation system

      5 Year Heat Exchanger on a timed circulating system (ring main)
      3 Years Parts and Labour


      1 Year Heat Exchanger
      1 Year Parts and Labour

    • Considerations


      Save space with a small footprint mounted on your wall

      They heat water as you need it, so you will never run out of hot water

      Controllers can be installed to accurately deliver the required water temperature


      You may need to upgrade your gas line which can add to your upfront costs

      A small amount of water (approx 1 to 2 litres) is wasted in the initial delivery

      No mains pressure

      Takes longer to deliver hot water than a storage heater

    Always use a licensed plumber when installing a hot water system.

    The Thermann 32R continuous flow hot water system is the largest unit in the Thermann domestic continuous flow family. With a larger heat exchanger and high flow rate capacity, the Thermann 32R is perfect for larger homes and homes with a high demand for hot water. The 32R allows up to three showers to run at once.

    • 32L/min capacity
    • 5.8-star energy efficiency rating
    • Non-condensing
    • Made in Japan
    • Runs up to 3 showers at the same time
    • Up to 75⁰C maximum temperature setting
    • Status display monitor
    • Available in NG & LPG
    • External Model only

    How it works

    1. A hot water tap is turned on

    2. Water enters the heater

    3. The water flow sensor detects the water flow

    4. The computer automatically ignites the burner

    5. Water circulates through the heat exchanger

    6. The heat exchanger heats the water to the designated temperature

    7. When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down

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  • Dimensions(mm) 32L
    Width 464
    Depth 240
    Height - Unit 615
    Height - Including Brackets 665
    Hot Water Outlet (From Back) 169
    Cold Water Inlet (From Back) 140
    Gas Connection (From Back) 87
    Gas Connection Length (From Base) 55
    Cold Connection Length (From Base) 55
    Hot Connection Length (From Base) 55
    Drain Outlet (From Back) 140
    Hot Water Outlet (From Left Hand Edge) 60
    Drain & Cold Water Outlet (From Left Hand Edge) 244
    Gas Connection (From Left Hand Edge) 361
    Specification Natural LPG
    Min. Operating Flow Rate (L/min) 2.0 2.0
    Gas Consumption (MJ/h) 250 250
    Star Rating 5.8 5.8
    Gas Type Natural Gas Liquefied petroleum gas
    Weight (kg) 30 30
    Max Water Supply Pressure (kPa) 1000 1000
    Min Water Supply Pressure (kPa) 200 200
    Cold Water Connection (mm) 20mm 3/4" 20mm 3/4"
    Hot Water Connection (mm) 20mm 3/4" 20mm 3/4"
    Gas Connection (mm) 20mm 3/4" 20mm 3/4"
    Min. Operating Flow Rate (L/min) 2.0 2.0
  • Product code Number Of People Delivery Capacity (At 25 Deg C Rise) Gas Type Temperature Setting Gas Consumption
    9509750 3-6 32L/min Natural Locked 50⁰C 250 MJ/h
    9509751 3-6 32L/min Natural Max 75⁰C 250 MJ/h
    9509752 3-6 32L/min LPG Locked 50⁰C 250 MJ/h
    9509753 3-6 32L/min LPG Max 75⁰C 250 MJ/h
  • Thermann C/Flow Main Controller

    Product code:

    Thermann C/Flow Bathroom 1 Controller

    Product code:

    Thermann C/Flow Bathroom 2 Controller

    Product code:

    Thermann 32R Upward Flue Diverter

    Product code:

    Thermann Comm Remote 15M Cable

    Product code:

    Thermann 32R Quick Connect Cable2M

    Product code:

    Thermann 32R Pipe Cover

    Product code:

    Thermann Side Flue Diverter

    Product code:

    Thermann 32R Recess Box

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