• Gas Storage

    Gas · Storage Hot Water Systems

    Key Specifications

    Suitable for
    2 - 5 People ¹
    Fuel type
    Gas Consumption 135L NG
    29.5 MJ/h
    Gas Consumption 135L LPG
    28 MJ/h
    Gas Consumption 170L
    33.5 MJ/h
    Recovery Rate at 45°C rise 135L
    122 L/h
    Recovery Rate at 45°C rise 170L
    145 L/h

    Not designed for commercial use

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    • Warranty Information

      Domestic Warranty

      7 Year Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour

      Domestic Warranty on a timed recirculation system

      3 Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour


      3 Cylinder
      1 Year Parts and Labour

    • Considerations


      Up front purchase costs are usually lower than other types of units

      Lower installation costs with no upgrade of gas line required

      Delivers hot water faster, as the water is stored ready for immediate use

      5 star energy efficient models also available


      Tank size takes up space

      Heat loss from the tank, whether the water is being used or not

      Not as energy efficient as a solar or continuous flow unit

    Always use a licensed plumber when installing a hot water system.

    The Thermann 4 star Gas hot water system is suited to families of 3-5 people. With an adjustable thermostat for safety and efficiency, it allows you to be in control of your operating costs and performance.

    • 4 star efficiency
    • Full mains pressure taps
    • Small footprint - easy replacement
    • Includes a Pressure and Temperature Relief (PTR) Valve

    How it works

    Step 1:
    Coldwater enters through a pipe at the bottom of the tank.

    Step 2;
    A gas burner located under the tank begins to heat the tank.

    Step 3:
    The hot exhaust gases from the burner travel up the side of the tank further heating the water to the desired temperature.

    Step 4:
    The hot water progressively rises to the top of the tank. When a tap inside the home is turned on, the hottest water then exits at the top of the tank where it flows to the user's location.

    Step 5:
    To ensure the water stays at the right temperature, a thermostat constantly measures the water temperature and turns the burner on or off as needed.

    Gas Systems GIF
  • Gas Storage line drawing
    Measurements 135L 170L
    Capacity (litres) 135 170
    Net Weight Empty (kg) 72 86
    Relief Valve Pressure (kPa) 1400 1400
    Gas Consumption (MJ/hr) 135NG: 29.5, 135LPG: 28 170NG: 33.5
    Recovery Rate at 45°C rise (L/hr) 122 145
    Dimensions (mm) 135L 170L
    Height (A) 1600 1900
    Hot Water Outlet (B) 1325 1620
    Cold Water Inlet (C) 220 220
    Gas Inlet (D) 300 300
    Water Inlet/Outlet Left Left
  • Product code