• Small Electric Storage

    Electric · Storage Hot Water Systems

    Key Specifications

    Suitable for
    1-2 Persons ¹
    Fuel type
    Element Recovery Rate 2.4kW
    41L/h @ 50°C rise
    Element Recovery Rate 3.6kW
    62L/h @ 50°C rise

    Not designed for commercial use

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    • Warranty Information

      Domestic Warranty

      7 Year Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour

      Domestic Warranty on a timed recirculation system

      3 Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour


      3 Tank
      1 Year Parts and Labour

    • Considerations


      Same footprint when replacing a like for like unit, saving money on replacement costs

      Most affordable unit to purchase

      Lower tariffs are often available, which will heat water during off-peak times


      Rates as the highest when it comes to Co2 emissions.

      When installed on an off peak tariff, high chance of running out of hot water during heavy load days. Water will not be reheated until over night

    Always use a licensed plumber when installing a hot water system.

    Thermann Small Electric hot water systems allow you to install hot water where space and access is restrictive. With its 'V Fit' configuration, inlets and outlets are configured for ease of installation.

    • Available in 'appliance white' for a more aesthetically pleasing unit
    • Manufactured using state of the art machinery
    • Dual handed water connections
    • 2.4kW systems come standard with GPO (plug-in) connection.

    Important Note: The tank must be filled with water prior to connecting to a power source

    How it works

    1. A hot water tap is turned on

    2. Hot water is drawn from the top of the tank

    3. Cold water enters through the bottom of the tank

    4. When temp around the element drops, element activates.

    5. Hot water rises to the top of the tank

    Electric Systems GIF
  • Small Electric Storage line drawing
    Measurements 25L 50L
    Total Height (A) 455 670
    Total Diameter (B) 405 405
    Outlet Height (C) 280 490
    Inlet Height (D) 155 145
    Electrical Entry (E) 65 70
    Element Angle (K) 55° 55°
    Storage Capacity (L) 31 50
    Hot Water Delivery (L) 25 50
    Net Weight Empty (kg) 17 23
    Element Sizes (kW) 2.4*, 3.6 2.4*, 3.6
    Relief Valve Pressure (kPa) 1000 1000
    Max Inlet Pressure
    Without an ECV (kPa) 800 800
    With an ECV (kPa) 650 650
    Measurements 25L 50L
    Inlet/Outlet Dual Hand Dual Hand
    No. People (continuous) 1 1-2
    No People (off peak) 0 0
  • Product code Number Of People Number of Elements Element Size First Hour Capacity Boost Capacity
    9507166 1 - 3.6 25L -
    9507168 2 - 3.6 50L -
    9507167 1 - 2.4 25L -
    9507169 2 - 2.4 50L -